Learn about our founders and their views on manufacturing ammunition.


 JIM: Frontiersman

This is a guy you want at your back. Loves the outdoors, shooting (and he’s pretty good at it), tough, trustworthy and no one outworks him (except maybe his wife!)

Jim’s experience with ammunition has been an interest of his for over 30 years. His mechanical ability assures the highest attentive detail to obtain quality ammunition. Jim has provided service to the public through his self-owned businesses and has always earned the reputation of being a good and honest man.

“A gun without ammunition is just a club, so I want to make sure Americans don’t just own clubs.”





CONNIE: Adventurer

Here’s a girl to “ride the river with”…but, not in the dark, she’s scared of the dark! Other than that she is one hard-working, tenacious, smart and very serious-minded woman.

Connie grew up with shooting in her blood. She has owned and operated several successful businesses and has a great love for her country. Connie’s belief is that America will remain free as long as citizens believe in the 2nd amendment. This gives her a passion to see Heritage Ammunition become a tribute to the heritage left to us by our forefathers.

“Each time I contemplate the company we have started, I can’t help but think of the incredible heritage we have in this great country. I’m extremely grateful for FREEDOM…and the right to keep and bear arms makes sure we stay free!”